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Credibly Evident

Jay-P's debut release titled Credibly Evident is set to be released later on this year. Jay P features works from various producers on it himself inclusive. "I always wanted to do music that would take the world by a storm". Well, make sure you get Credibly Evident in stores and review it for your self.

Credibly Evident

In a nut shell, the Single "Credibly Evident" covers the life and tales of a young hustler trying to escape a life of guns,drugs and crime in the midst of law suits seeing his only chance at escape by seeking solace in his musical talents

Jay-P is a musician whose goal is to become a house hold name Universally. Born in Kampala,Uganda, Jay P's love for and musical abilities started to manifest by the age of nine.


Credibly EvidentNov 4, 2013

This is Jay-P's debut, a street styled classic with tales of a young modern day gangster seeking refuge in his talent trying to escape from his crime filled life whilst nurturing his skills to ascend the ranks of the corporate ladder career wise Read More...

The Unreleased CutDec 4, 2011

This is a 15 track album Jay P released in 2011 as a predebut. The basis of this was to give Jay-P's musical career direction and a foundation to build upon more like a campus & anchor. Read More...

T.O.WApril 6, 2007

Tug Of War (Struggle For Supremacy) is a demo Jay-P released in 2007 with the aim of getting a record deal to further his musical journey. This one foot step was the start of a journey which taught Jay P that what he was out for can only be realised in a liftime partly the inspiration to his sophomore album "In My Lifer" Read More...


Recipe RecordsNov 4, 2013

P's Recipe Records seeks new talent to add to the roaster. If you are talented and you are sure of your talent you may submit music by mailing a link of your soundcloud,myspace or reverbnation account to Read More...

Clad RecipeNov 4, 2013

P's Clad Recipe is a fashion brand founded by Jay-P (Paul Epeju). It focusses on urban couture dressing men, women and children putting emphasis on style, culture and comfort of fabric. From Casual to office gear, street apparel, party wear, we got you covered. Read More...

Web RecipeNov 4, 2013

Web Recipe is a brand Jay-P created to avail affordable web hosting and domain registration. We will get your site up and running in record time, offer secure mail as well as online marketing and blogging Read More...


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