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Clad Recipe : Couture
  • Added on: Nov 4, 2013
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Clad CR Recipe strives to dress men, women and children elegantly with style & class at affordable prices in line with P's taste. We do not just offer you something to wear, Jay P wants to make sure you put on something nice, comfortable and durable with clothing variants to suit different ocassions

What your wear tells the eye that sees you something before you even speak. Dress could mean the difference between success & failure Clad Recipe

Jay P's Clad Recipe seeks to dress you appropriately on your road to success regardless of your career choice. We got street couture, corporate gear, ladies,children's and mens collections. Dress appropriately and realize appropriate results-The Clad Recipe and trust Jay-P, things will fall in line.

Clad Recipe


At Clad Recipe Jay P sees a way to keep mind, body and spirit in synch through dress. When you know you are dressed right for the right event,it raises your confidence and your spirit simultaneously. It has worked for P, it can work for you

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Dress to kill is a cliche' line that always works. Like it or not, dress wrongly to that important meeting or job interview and you might as well kiss that deal or job goodbye prior to the meeting or job interview. Jay P has been through that. Below in the song "2005" form Jay-P's 2014 sophomore album"Orbis Unum In My Lifetime"

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