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Credibly Evident

Jay P's debut is broad covering various aspects including discipline and indiscipline in society, crime, guns, money, drugs, politics in the music business, the challenges encountered especially when a young African born cat goes against all odds to step up to a dream most only perceive to be a pipe dream

I have never derived more gratification than in pursuing what means a great deal to me even if it may not reward me monetarily in the short term. Jay-P

P's Credibly Evident is a classic, that is what we built it to be and so it will be. Gangster rap is not just about yapping the f#@K, Sh#t & b##ch words. To represent in this game, you gotta be intellectual, realist, street savvy etc…

Credibly Evident


Collaborations have been eminent on this album putting P's skills to good use. Visibly the effort of producers such as Alexander, Team R&B, Cronic Beats, Jake Beats , Jay-P and Recipe Records have resulted in the success of Credibly Evident

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Jay-P not only puts his musicality to work but also sets out to explore his leadership abilities as portrayed in "Presidentez" below.


One comment on “Jay-P's – Credibly Evident
  1. Jay-P says:

    This is a classic that is trend setting the way for my albums to come

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