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Credibly Evident - Album Release Party
  • Date : Nov 16, 2013
  • Added by: Jay-P
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On Nov 16th, 2013, Jay-P will entertain his audience and put on a display of his musical capacity as he unveils singles off his debut release "Credibly Evident". P's fans can get to party with him and purchase the album before it hits the stores as well as be the first to get their hands on Clad Recipe clothing.

Every Monumental achievement should be treated as such. "Credibly Evident" is a monument in my musical careerJay-P

Credibly Evident is my biggest musical project so far. I have worked with alot of producers and different artists from different parts of the world. It sheds visibility to the fact that progress is being made, a trend that will continue.

Credibly Evident


Credibly Evident is a must listen to release justified by the fact that it has realist stories that people can relate to and learn something. It is entertaining with skillfuly placed humour to not only leave you entertained but with something learnt and a story to tell

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"Fine Ass Shit" is a single off Jay-P's Credibly Evident release which features the late Notorious B.I.G.


2 comments on “Credibly Evident Release Party
  1. Jay-P says:

    Come and feel the thrill

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