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Recipe Records-Signing Talent
  • Added on: April 3, 2013
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Whether your genre is hip-hop, rock, rn'b, rap, soul, jazz or any genre of popular music you may submit a link to your music by email to There is no deadline. Please do not send the same email repeatedly or call to ask if we have reviewed your music as we will only contact you if we believe in your talent and seek to add you to our roaster. Recipe Records is a fully functional label that does recording,publishing,management,distribution and concert schedules for its acts.

Opportunity comes to those who make an effort to attract opportunity and utilize it well when it does arrive Recipe Records

Recipe Records is a record label founded by Jay-P (Paul Epeju) who then partnered with his friend Davi to build a strong brand of music. His goal was to create opportunity for underpriviledged but talented young musicians thus a platform for them to develop their musical talent to a sustainable level where it can be used to generate income and impact society.

Recipe Records


Recipe Records does not just look for musical talent in its artists, we strive to make winners,successful individuals and bands who will impact society through their music and skills.

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What better way to launch the label than having Jay-P's debut release Credibly Evident on the shelves. "Can I Kick It" is a single off "Jay-P's" Credibly Evident", a Recipe Records release

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