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The Unreleased Cut

A predebut released by Jay-P's very own Recipe Records as a foundation for his musical career. A 15 track album it is, filled with classics. Jay-P Credits Talented & Hungry Producers, Alexander, himself and Recipe Records for the out standing project

Iconic structures that stand the test of time are built with strong foundations using quality materials coupled with the appropriate expertise. Jay-P

Jay-P expresses the vision of a young, hungry hustler who see's his only chance at escaping a crime life in music. Blending different realist stories ranging from hustle, party life, peace, crime amongst others with skillful wordplay and flow resulting in ''the Unreleased Cut" Having to eat up the competition to earn his rightful place in history "the one" Jay P

God's Green Earth


In God's Green Earth, Jay-P talks about the vitality in realising and developing ones God giving skills. If you do not enjoy what you do, you are probably in the wrong profession.

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In P's single "Regrets" produced by Cronic Beats, Jay-P higlights on the subject taking a stand. It is only if you do something that you will be rewarded with something. laying back and complaining all the time will not get you success, working smart will. . .Cheers. .


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  1. Jay-P says:

    Long Lasting careers gotta have a strong foundation. The Unreleased cut is a part of mine. whats yours?

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