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Jay-P sought a record deal in 2005 so he embarked on making a demo for that purpose. P called it the "Tug Of War" as in "Struggle For Supremacy" collaborating with a few producers including himself in his room which led to the birth of Recipe Records which he later moved to a garadge for more space and privacy

If you always have an excuse not to do something, you may never do it. The journey of 8 miles starts with a single foot step and the will to do so."The Recipe Records story" Jay-P

After various attempts to get signed were futile, Jay-P decided to concentrate on building his record label,improving the quality of his recordings and further developing his talent. Jay P decided to start a clothing line which he called "Clad-CR-Recipe" among other businesses.

Can I Kick It


T.O.W drew critical acclaim from Jay-P's peers who hoorayed the young hustlers efforts. " Jay-P always wanted to play in the big leagues" i am not surprised he does music like he does but i am surprised he did it, quoted his teenage peers.

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P.Epeju is one of the singles on Jay-P's 2014 Sophomore produced by Beat Gates. Singnificant to jay P trials and tribulations. A reminder of his legend in the hood.


One comment on “Jay-P – T.O.W
  1. Jay-P says:

    Tug Of War is a reminder of Jay-P's transition from doing music in and for the hood to doing music for the hood and the Universe

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